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الغرف والشياليهات الغرف والشياليهات

  منتجع حورس السياحى بالمنيا  

One of the best tourist resorts in EGYPT,
located in the most beautiful place in MINIA province,
and four-star rating, wide green area 80% of the resort whole area.


الغرف والشياليهات





الغرف والشياليهات

     Chief town of the governorate and a considerable commercial and industrial town, situated between the Nile and the Ibrahimiya canal, about 247 k..m south of Cairo .The name is derived from that of a Pharaonic region namely; (Cheopsí Menat), now called Zawiet Sultan. It has witnessed all the historical ages of Egypt, as shown in the following antiquarian sites:

Zawyct El-Mayyiteen

     Opposite the town, on the eastern bank of the Nile 7 Km south of Minia lies one of the largest cemeteries in Egypt . It is the modem cemetery of El-Minia with many small domed tombs. Near the southern end of the cemetery is the ruined third-dynasty pyramid of the ancient city of Hebenu .

Tehna El-Gebel

      To the north of Minia , on the eastern side of the Nile , about 10 Km is Tehna El Gebel , there are ancient Egyptian mines dating from the Old Kingdom to the Roman period. There are, also, ruins of a large temple (Nero Temple) dedicated to the gods Amun and Sobek, and in the mountains there are decorated rock tombs dating to the Old Kingdom, as well as cemeteries associated with later periods (including burial grounds for sacred cats, rams and crocodiles.

Frazer Tombs

      Old Kingdom tombs located About 5 K.M northeast of Minia.


Islamic Monuments

-Al-Amrawi mosque: the first mosque built in Minia after the Islamic advent into Egypt. Fatimid style,

-Al-lamati mosque: Fatimid style, built in 549 A. H.

-Al-Fooli mosque: Andalusian style, built in 1363 A. H.

Coptic monuments

   Church of bishop Bahor from the fourth century. It lies at the village of Sawada, about 4 K.M southeast of Minia.

In addition to these monuments, Minia boasts a lot of other attractions namely: Minia university, Suzan Mubark Conference Center, The Modern Art Museum ; the second biggest of its kind in Egypt, Middle Egypt T.V & Radio, The Corniche of the Nile, deluxe hotels, clubs, and tourist Nile cruisers. Also, the New Town of Minia, and the Industrial zone which carries a promising future for the coming generations.

  It is a quiet and a beautiful town. It pleases tourists, and the Egyptians feel astonished when they visit it for the first time.



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