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الغرف والشياليهاتالغرف والشياليهات

  منتجع حورس السياحى بالمنيا  

One of the best tourist resorts in EGYPT,
located in the most beautiful place in MINIA province,
and four-star rating, wide green area 80% of the resort whole area.


الغرف والشياليهات





الغرف والشياليهات

    A district situated about 25 Km north of Minia on the eastern bank of the Nile.

Al-Babieen area

     A Pharaonic area on the eastern bank of Nile near the village of Beni-Khalid. It dates back to about four thousand years B. C. Some of the stones, which were used to build the great pyramids, were taken from this area. The temple of “Hathor” is the most important monument.

Monastery of the Virgin 

     At the mouth of a side valley on the bank is seen a steep rocky hill, the Gebel-EI-Tair on the flat of which is the Coptic Monastery of Deir EI-Adra (Monastery of the Virgin). The church was constructed by Empress Helena; mother of Constantine the great; in the fourth century. She is also believed to be responsible for founding the monastery of St. Catherine in Sinai. The Convent is one of the spots where the Holy Family rested during their flight into Egypt. The sanctuary is hewn from the rock, with doorway, now half-buried in rubble decorated in Byzantine style. From the top on the hill there is a fine view of the Nile valley with its fields of cotton and sugar cane. 

Al-Atiq Mosque

  One of the oldest mosques in Minia. It dates back to 368 A.H.



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