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الغرف والشياليهاتالغرف والشياليهات

  منتجع حورس السياحى بالمنيا  

One of the best tourist resorts in EGYPT,
located in the most beautiful place in MINIA province,
and four-star rating, wide green area 80% of the resort whole area.


الغرف والشياليهات





الغرف والشياليهات

               Bani Mazar (W. Bank) , a district capital on the Ibrahimiya canal about 55 k. M. north of Minia. 15 Km. W. of Bani Mazar, on the Bahr Yussef, is Bahnasa; the ancient oxyrunchus. (Egyptian permeded, Coptic pemie). You can reach there by bus or by car.

           Some scholars believe that Christ (peace be upon him) and the Virgin had passed by El-Bahnasa, and that the area contains the hill and well that were mentioned in the Quran as a place of shelter for the holy family during their flight into Egypt.

            On the introduction of Christianity El-Bahnasa became a veritable town of monks and nuns.

            In the Islamic period it was still of some importance. Grenfell and Hunt had yielded large quantities of Greek, Coptic and Islamic papyri.

            The most important Islamic monuments in El-Bahnasa are the following:

              The mosque of El-Hassan Ibn Saleh.

              The shrine of the seven girls.

              The mosque of Ali Al-Gamam: he was a chief judge.

           .  The tomb of Fath El-Bab: One of the Muslim heroes during the Islamic advent into Egypt .



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