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الغرف والشياليهات

  منتجع حورس السياحى بالمنيا  

One of the best tourist resorts in EGYPT,
located in the most beautiful place in MINIA province,
and four-star rating, wide green area 80% of the resort whole area.


الغرف والشياليهات





الغرف والشياليهات

The Bride of Upper Egypt


When the renowned Arab traveler “Ibn Batota” visited Minia in 726 H, he described it saying, “It is a large town, built on the Nile. It has schools, sights, and mosques, and it really supersedes the other Upper Egyptian towns ”.

Minia has played a prominent role in the old and modern history of Egypt and civilization. It has, also, offered all sacrifices to defend the dignity and freedom of Egypt against the forces of aggression and occupation.

The name “ Minia” is derived from that of a Pharaonic region namely; “Cheops’ Menat” which means “the breast-feeder of Cheops”. It is mentioned on the inscriptions of the tombs of Beni-Hassan. That name, then, developed to “Moni” which means house, and finally became “Minia”.

The historical and touristic importance of minia comes from the fact that all ages of the Egyptian history: Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, Modern Kingdom, Greco-Roman, Coptic, and Islamic, have left great and everlasting monuments everywhere on its land.

The purpose of this presentation is to show, through photos, the history of Minia, and its contribution in the Egyptian civilization.



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