Horus Tourism Resort in Minya of the best tourist resorts in Egypt




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الغرف والشياليهات

  منتجع حورس السياحى بالمنيا  

One of the best tourist resorts in EGYPT,
located in the most beautiful place in MINIA province,
and four-star rating, wide green area 80% of the resort whole area.


الغرف والشياليهات


The god Horus is one of the most famous gods of ancient Egypt. Horus was the falcon god of the Sky. The name ‘Horus’ stems from the ancient Egyptian word Hr (her) which in its simple form was the preposition ‘above’, ‘upon’ and ‘the far one’, so Horus as a falcon soars above all the land and its inhabitants, and was the natural symbol of the King who reigns over all Egypt.

The earliest Kings of Egypt were known as the followers of Horus. In this period, Horus was known as the son of Isis and Osiris and inherited the throne of his father. Every pharaoh was an incarnation of Horus, who according to legend conquered Seth the evil god of Upper Egypt. Seth was god of turmoil and confusion who murdered Osiris, Horus's father. Horus avenged his father's death and became the god of order and justice. Therefore the pharaoh in Ancient Egypt became Horus on earth, the ruler of the two lands (Upper and Lower Egypt).

Ancient Egyptian literature relates great battles between Horus and Seth and how Horus conquered Seth and united the two lands of Egypt. Therefore he was also known as Horus the fighter.Horus also was connected with the goddess Hathor, goddess of love beauty and music. She was the eye of the Sun god Re, the wife of the living King, and the mother of coming King. Her name was written with the hieroglyph of the Horus falcon inside a rectangle-mean ‘house’ or ‘mansion’ of Horus.

Horus, in the shape of a falcon was worshiped in Hierakonpolis in Upper Egypt (north of Edfu). Archaeologists found a golden head of a falcon inside the temple in Hierakonpolis, and the name of the city means ‘City of the Hawk’. Another temple was built for Horus in the city of Behdet (now Damnhour in the Nile Delta), where Horus was represented in the shape of a winged Sun disk. The modern name Damnhour itself derives from the ancient Egyptian dmi-n-Hor ‘town of Horus ‘.



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